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“Green” Vet Practices

We are exploring ways to make our hospital more environmentally responsible, from the energy, water and supplies we use, to the products we stock and recommendations we make.

We now use electronic medical records and are nearly “paperless.”

We’ve installed digital Xrays, eliminating the use of the chemicals, silver, electricity and water used to develop traditional Xray film (and greatly enhancing our Xray diagnostic capabilities).

We’re working cooperatively with the City of Seattle to decrease our electricity and water use by upgrading our lighting, plumbing, and appliances.

We are avid recyclers and composters.

We purchase “green power” from Seattle City Light.

Join us – and receive a 5% discount!

We offer a 5% discount on outpatient services to clients who use alternative transportation to arrive at our door – those who walk, ride their bikes, coordinate their appointments and carpool together, or ride public transportation to arrive at Atlantic Veterinary Hospital are eligible.

Please advise use when you check-in for your appointment that you are eligible for this discount. We will happily oblige.

Watch for updates here as we continue this greening process.

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“Dr. Monahan was very thorough and compassionate in trying to analyze Lulu's recent behavior. I appreciate the time she spent with me. I am happy to report that things are going well in the litter box department.”

—Sally H.