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Vacation & Day Boarding


Are you heading out of town for a day or a week and your pet can’t go with you?

dog-on-leash-1093705_54391716-300x234We offer full-service boarding for our established patients. If your pet is not a patient of Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, we require a check-in exam with one of our doctors a few days prior to the scheduled boarding so that we can meet you and your pet, discuss your pets needs, and give you a tour if you desire. Please book this appointment when you make your boarding reservation and make time for it in your travel considerations.

We will treat your pet with the care and affection it deserves. All pets receive individual care and personal attention throughout the day from our caring staff members, and our doctors are available to supervise your pet’s stay and address any health concerns.

All vacation guests receive the following:

  • Indoor, individual boarding accommodations, with large indoor “runs” for dogs and a quiet, private kennel for cats.
  • Multiple outside walks for dogs and indoor play time for cats (who desire it).
  • Hill’s Sensitive Stomach Diet fed to your specifications. We are also happy to feed any diet you provide at no extra charge.
  • Comfortable, clean bedding — you may bring your pet’s bedding from home but please do so at your own risk, as personal items may be misplaced or chewed.
  • Lots of love, care, and attention.
  • Text, e-mail or phone updates while you travel, if you desire.

For an additional fee, we offer the following services:

  • Medication administration (see our Boarding Policies)
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Additional play time for cats
  • Routine veterinary services, including your pet’s upcoming physical exam, vaccinations, laboratory tests, and dentistry services.

Day Boarding

We also offer Day Boarding for those times when the carpet cleaner or painter is coming, or any other reason your pet needs a safe, comfortable place to be during the day.


Make a Boarding Reservation

For more information about boarding your pet, to make a reservation, or to schedule a tour, please download and complete the two forms below, and then call us at 206-323-4433.

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Day Admission

Click here or call for day admission appointments: 206.323.4433

“Knowledgeable and helpful staff.”

—Harry, Seattle