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Diagnostic Medical Care


When your pet is ill and cannot tell us what is wrong, diagnostic testing can augment the doctor’s physical exam findings. Atlantic Veterinary Hospital’s in-house laboratory and advanced digital X-ray technology help our doctors develop a complete diagnostic picture for your pet at a point where time is critical.

Advanced Digital X-ray Technology

Atlantic Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer advanced digital X-ray technology. X-rays are used to identify the location and severity of fractures, detect signs of heart and lung diseases, and identify tumors or foreign bodies in a pet’s abdomen.

Digital X-rays have many benefits over older technologies, producing high-quality images very quickly, providing greater accuracy for the medical team and less stress for your pet. Digital images also can be emailed or saved to a disc, allowing for fast consultations with veterinary specialists, when necessary.

In-House Diagnostic Laboratory

Atlantic Veterinary Hospital’s in-house laboratory helps the medical team develop a complete diagnostic picture for your pet. Our in-house diagnostic lab is capable of running many laboratory tests, often within an hour. When the situation dictates, we also send samples to our reference laboratory; most send-out lab results are available and communicated to you the next day.

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