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6 Benefits of Veterinary House Calls

Most pets enjoy coming to see us. However, your furbaby may have a different opinion on the subject (we understand and don’t take it personally).
6 Benefits of Veterinary House Calls | AtlanticVetSeattle.com

You may want to consider a veterinary house call – a blend of our commitment to exceptional veterinary care and old-fashioned service, brought to your door.

House calls allow us to observe pets in their natural environment, which can prompt wonderful discussions about their care.

Benefits of house calls

1. Shy pet?

Many of our patients are more at ease in the comfortable, familiar, and calm environment of their own home.

2. Multiple pets?

A veterinary house call may be easier than bringing several pets to the clinic.

3. Pet with mobility issues?

Senior pets, pets with arthritis, or those neurologic problems may have a hard time getting around. We can come to you instead!

4. Busy schedule? Small children?

With a veterinary house call there’s no traffic and no waiting.

5. Don’t drive? Hate traffic?

Let us come to you! House calls are scheduled weekdays for pets who live within our service area in the following ZIP codes:

  • 98040
  • 98108
  • 98118
  • 98122
  • 98134
  • 98144

6. On a budget?

House calls can also be added to your pet’s Wellness Plan, a budget-friendly way to provide all the recommended preventive care for your pet.

What’s possible in a veterinary house call

We can discuss a variety of topics and conduct any of the following types of examinations during a house call:

Each appointment typically lasts about 45 minutes, allowing the doctor and veterinary nurse to spend quality one-on-one time with you and offer comprehensive health, nutritional and behavioral guidance.

The doctor will review the exam findings with you and recommend a treatment plan for your approval. Most lab tests performed during the house call will typically have results back to you the next day. Following the visit, you can access your pet’s medical records and lab results through our complimentary online pet portal.

Services outside the scope of what we are capable of accomplishing within a house call visit will be referred back to our hospital, where we’ll provide continuity of care and communication through our doctors and staff – folks you know and trust. These cases include those needing hospitalization and intensive care, surgery, and other diagnostic procedures like x-rays or ultrasound.

Hospice care house calls

Click the link to learn about our hospice care house calls.

To schedule a house call, phone Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, 206-323-4433 or email us. Hope to see you soon — at YOUR home!

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