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The Ups & Downs of Adopting a Dog

My family and I are Lab lovers from way back. “Jester,” our 2 1/2 year old Lab is our 5th retriever, if you count “Bozo,” the one my husband grew up with. I don’t know what it is about Labs, perhaps their sparkle, but I’ve heard people are attracted to the breed they most resemble — does that mean I shed a lot?

We’ve lost Jester’s predessors at ripe old ages, and this is the first time we’ve had only one dog in a very long time. Jester would like a buddy, so we’ve been trying to find just the right one that would fit into our menagerie of cats, dog, kids, busy life, etc. I feel very strongly about the positives of adopting (not purchasing) pets — there are so many that need forever homes. We thought we found just the right one — a gorgeous male with some chronic medical issues named “Kohla” who’s being cared for at Best Friends, a very large, very well-known shelter in southern Utah. But Best Friends is making it quite difficult — seems they think a veterinarian’s home might not be up to snuff, and they’re convinced they know best. I’m frustrated and heavy hearted after dealing with them for the past 2 weeks and getting no where. Hope others have better luck dealing with them, but I cannot recommend them.

Fortunately, we found another Lab in Eastern Washington on www.petfinder.com that might be available, and he sounds like quite the gentleman, so there’s hope. Hope we’ll find the right dog to adopt, hope there won’t be so many hoops to jump through, hope he’ll love us back and fit into our “gang.”  Wish me luck!

Here’s to dog slobber kisses and kitty scritches,

Dr. M

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