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If Fleas Could Spit…

Did you know that a common allergy in dogs is caused by flea spit (aka, flea saliva)?

It’s true. A flea’s saliva causes allergic dogs to become very itchy and puts them at high risk for secondary skin infections, hair loss, and pure misery.

Some symptoms to watch for that could indicate a flea allergy:

  • Intense self-scratching
  • Hair loss
  • Chewing or biting at the hind legs, hind end, and tail
  • Open, oozing sores

If you notice these symptoms, please bring your dog in to see us. After performing a physical exam, your veterinarian may recommend tests to rule out other common problems. If your dog is allergic to fleas, we will treat with medications (possibly antibiotics) to get the itch under control.

After treating the skin irritation, meticulous flea prevention is required to prevent the situation from reoccurring. During your appointment, we’ll recommend safe and effective flea preventives.

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