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Pets Light Up Our World

Light. We sure could use some this time of year!

We go to work in the dark. We come home in the dark. We often walk our dogs in the dark.

Light is an integral part of the traditions of Hanukkah and Christmas, both celebrated by many around the world, and beautiful candles abound.

Pets light up our world | AtlanticVetSeattle.com

Yet, the winter solstice and the longest night also occur this month, a time that can be very difficult for those who are dealing with major losses, disappointments, layoffs, etc.

Sadly, sometimes the lights of the season only feel like a reminder of the things we hoped had turned out differently, a time to “just get through” until the days get longer and life looks brighter again.

Fortunately, the furry loved ones in our families are ready, willing, and able to offer the kind of unconditional acceptance and love many humans especially need this time of year.

Our pets offer respite from the crazy, busy, over-scheduled pace we often find ourselves caught up in around the holidays.

They listen without interruption and keep advice to themselves.

They don’t care about our pay stubs and our worries, but will snuggle up whenever we ask to offer their healing physical contact.

Remember to stop a moment today to accept and return that love (without extra calories). Our pets need us too. It’s free; it doesn’t come with a gift tag; and it doesn’t require writing a thank-you note!

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