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Surgical Care

Our doctors perform a variety of surgical procedures. If surgery is recommended, a pre-surgical examination is performed to assess your pet’s health and develop a customized anesthesia and surgery plan. Laboratory diagnostics may be necessary to develop the safest anesthetic regimen.


To provide the best care possible, an intravenous catheter is placed for all surgical procedures lasting longer than 10 minutes. IV catheters are used to administer medications and intravenous fluids during the procedure.

During surgery and recovery, a licensed veterinary nurse will carefully monitor your pet’s comfort, anesthesia level, and vital signs. Pets under anesthesia are placed on a special warming bed to help maintain their core body temperature during the procedure.

We use a multi-modal approach to pain management, providing appropriate analgesic medications before, during and after the procedure, specifically tailored to your pet’s needs and health.

Among the surgical procedures we provide are:
  • ovariohysterectomy (spay) for female pets
  • neutering for male pets
  • tumor and growth biopsy or removal
  • wound and abscess treatment and repair
  • exploratory surgery and other abdominal procedures
  • oral surgery
  • medical declaw for cats (polydactyl or diseased claws only)
  • ear flushing and surgical care
  • minor eyelid corrections

Hospital Hours

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Day Admission

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“Love this vet! The veterinarian gave me multiple options along the way and was sensitive to my budget. Not to mention everyone there was so nice and genuinely wanted to help me fix my broken kitty. I would definitely recommend this vet and appreciate everything they did to help.”

—Mabel, Seattle

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