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Smoky Air May Cause Asthma-like Symptoms in Your Pet

The smoke in our air from summer wildfires can bother cats and dogs. Pets’ reactions to smoke are similar to what is seen in humans; their airways can be particularly reactive to smoke and other airborne irritants.

Smoky Air May Cause Asthma-like Symptoms in Your Pet | AtlanticVetSeattle.com

We’ve seen more pets with asthma-like symptoms in the past few weeks. Please keep a close eye on your pets, and if you’re concerned, seek medical attention before any major problems occur.

When your pet has difficulty breathing…

Learn more about the signs of difficult breathing in pets at Pet Health Network. Some key points from the article:

  • Difficulty breathing is not the same as a shortness of breath
  • Signs a pet shows when they are having difficulty breathing
  • Look-alike issues that may be causing difficult breathing
  • How your veterinarian can help your pet breathe
  • The prognosis for difficult breathing

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