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19 Household Items That Can Poison Your Dog

1. Rodent Poison If you have a mouse in the house, and you also have a dog, you’ll want to avoid putting mouse or rat poison out. Several chemicals commonly found in rat, mouse, and mole poisons can be deadly for dogs. Poisoning can take place directly, when a dog ingests the chemicals bromethalin (which poisons… Read more »

9 Human Medications Dangerous to Dogs

When your dog is feeling uncomfortable and is obviously in pain, it’s tempting to give her an over-the-counter human medication. But instead of helping her feel better, human meds can cause a great deal of harm to your pup, and may even result in a fatal reaction. Rule of thumb: Never give your dog human… Read more »

Sugar-Free Products Containing Xylitol Can Kill Your Dog

A pet owner called us in a panic after their dog ate a chocolate-covered gummy bear. Since the ingredients weren’t listed on the bag or on the manufacturer’s website, we couldn’t determine whether the gummy bear was sugar-free, potentially containing xylitol. Xylitol is deadly to dogs, even in tiny quantities. After a dog eats a… Read more »

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