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Tips for Working from Home with Your Cat or Dog

Many work-from-home pet parents tell us they’re happier, less stressed, and are getting more exercise because of the constant company of their pet. An added benefit of being around our pets all day is that we’re noticing potential symptoms of illness or injury at earlier stages and are scheduling important veterinary care on a regular… Read more »

7 Steps to Prepare Your Pet to Be Home Alone While You’re at Work

In Part 1 of this series, we shared practical tips for teaching your cat or dog appropriate “office behavior” when you’re working from home. What happens when you need to transition to working away from home? When you’re not around full-time, your pet won’t receive as much playtime, exercise, and the on-demand snuggles to which… Read more »

5 Ways to Give Your Dog Mental Exercise

Proper physical exercise for dogs is important to their overall physical and mental well-being. Environmental enrichment, or “mental exercise,” is often overlooked, but just as important! In fact, at the Seattle Zoo, making sure animals have fun is serious business. Animals that are bored, with little mental and environmental stimulation, develop mild-to-severe behavioral problems. Providing your… Read more »

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