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7 Ways to Care for Your Pet Without Breaking the Bank

How can you provide the best care for your pets while keeping costs reasonable? By taking steps to reduce the chances your pet will require expensive, unplanned medical care and expenses. Here are some ideas to help: 1.  Get Regular Wellness Checkups Prevention is always better (and less expensive) than a cure. Pets’ metabolism hums… Read more »

The Benefits of Pet Health Insurance (And Who We Recommend)

Our hearts break when pets are euthanized because their owners can’t afford critical care. Unfortunately it happens… more often than you might imagine. Many people vastly underestimate the costs of caring for a pet over a 15-year lifespan. Dog owners typically spend from $20,000 to $55,000, and cat owners spend $15,000 to $45,000, according to… Read more »

Be Prepared for Pet Medical Emergencies – Is Pet Insurance Right for You?

We’re all familiar with the mess going on in human health insurance. Even before the arguments for and against the Affordable Care Act, health insurance for humans was a hot topic, rife with accusations of care being over-priced, inefficient, and sometimes denied when needed. Insurance companies were often accused of taking the control of medical… Read more »

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