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Thanks Inovadent

Veterinary hospitals are not only providers of customer service, we’re also receivers. We have vendors who help us take care of our equipment and facility; locate needed out-of-stock medications; manage our employee benefits, etc. It feels GREAT to receive the kind of customer service we try hard to give our clients and patients.

This week we were recipients of the most amazing customer service I’ve ever experienced. And, in an indirect way, so were several of our patients. Our dental machine, a real work horse used nearly every day to improve the dental health of our patients, went kaput. We were dead in the water with several dental procedures on the schedule. Some naughty gremlin yanked a crucial cord, ripping it out by the roots deep inside the machine, and the machine went down.

The last time this happened, the  local repair guy was unable to help us. Our dental machine’s manufacturer was sold to another company, and he didn’t know where to get parts. We contacted another vendor in desperation, he made a call or two, and a few hours later we found  Inovadent, a tiny company in a tiny village (832 residents, even smaller than where I grew up) in the middle of rural western Wisconsin, located right smack in the center of town on Main Street.

Joe, one of their technicians, was extremely patient, practical, and kind during our numerous frantic phone calls. He was able to diagnose the problem by listening to the machine over the telephone; overnighted the part we needed; then talked us through changing out the part — and he’s never seen our dental machine! We were back up and running.

Thank you Joe and Inovadent from the doctors, staff, and patients of Atlantic Veterinary Hospital. You uplifted our spirits and made a real difference to our hospital and the care we can provide.


Dr. M

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