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‘Senior Cat’ Q and A with Dr. Laura Monahan

How to keep your cat’s golden years golden Q: At what age is a cat classified as a senior? A: Keeping in mind that every cat is an individual, the “senior” status in cats has been described as cats 11-14 years of age (American Association of Feline Practitioners and American Animal Hospital Association in their Feline Life… Read more »

Is My Cat a Senior? How to Care for an Aging Cat

When is a cat considered a senior? According to Pet Health Network’s feline age chart, a 4-year-old cat is considered to be equivalent to a 26-year-old human being. The process slows down after that. Beginning at around age 9, a cat reaches senior status (the presumed equivalent of a 52-year-old human). At age 14, a… Read more »

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